FBI Internet Safety

Parkers Flyer 4H

Hi, my name is Terry Fields and I am a member of the Hunt Valley 4-H Robotics club. We have been learning about the FBI and some of the ways they keep us safe. Our club would like to tell you about the importance of internet safety! Here are some tips we learned from the FBI:

Don’t use your name, birthdate or address in your password

  • This can cause someone to track you down

It is safer to use websites that end in .gov, .edu and .org

  • Things that end in gov. stands for government
  • Things that end in edu. stand for education
  • It is more likely to be appropiate for kids

Don’t download any apps without your parent or guardian’s permission…it may be a scam!

  • This could be a scam and what a scam is a trick that people play to gets someone’s location

Create a password that is 13 characters long and made up of letters, numbers and symbols

  • If you have a username that is short and or has your name, it is not very safe because this is giving away personal information

Don’t share your password with anyone

  • If you share your password with anyone except parent or guardian someone might do something bad to you

Follow all of these tips and maybe when you grow up you can help the FBI too!

Robotics Club at Prigel Family Creamery

DSC05994 DSC06004

HV4HR club members recently had an information table at the Prigel Family Creamery in Baltimore County. Here are some reflections on robotics by club member Brian: I enjoy the 4-H robotics club. I have made some friends. I think programming the robot is very confusing, but I am learning. Building the Lego robot is fine. I love to test the robots. Sometimes our program fails, but we tried again and succeeded!